About Steve Bailey’s Art

Art means many different things to many different people. Often, it means many different things to the same person. That sounds like me. Art can be a pleasurable release from stressful times, but it can also mean an enjoyable, and sometimes stressful, activity that consumes the mind and body.  No matter what course it takes, it has to be enjoyable to me, or it isn’t my kind of art. Often I will be creating artisan jewelry and suddenly get the urge to escape into my computer to paint pictures digitally. Somehow, this rejuvenates my artistic endeavors in both jewelry making and digital art.  At other times, I simply love grabbing my camera and interpreting what I see into what I feel. If that doesn’t work, there is always my acrylics, oils, and canvas for the ultimate in self-expression. In my spare time (ha ha) I constantly search for new and exciting avenues to travel upon, such as faux flower arranging, needle point, creative writing, garden art, or music and movies.  Hopefully, there are many roads I have not yet taken (my apologies to Robert Frost.) That’s the beauty of art --- it has never ending possibilities for those who have never ending interests.  Please join me as I enjoy my artwork and enjoy finding new highways of expression. Please become involved in the discussions of art. Participation makes art so much more enjoyable. I have just taken a new road! Saori Weaving. It's fascinating and it's fun. Best of all, there are no hard rules --- I can express myself any way I feel the need.  Join me in my new journey, too.


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